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Order Requirements

Custom cookies have a two dozen minimum. Mini cookies have a three dozen minimum unless adding to an order.

A 50% retainer is required for an order to be placed on my calendar.* The balance is due one week before pickup. 

*Please note the retainer is non-refundable if cancelled within two weeks of the event date.* 

In the event I am able to take a rush order (within one week of event date), an additional 25% rush fee will be added to your total. 

Thank you for all the love!  I am currently booked through July 2020. I will open up orders for August-October in mid July. 


Basic Set

$45 per dozen

A basic set includes up to three shapes, two colors, airbrushing and simple details.

Detailed Set

$54 per dozen

A detailed set includes up to 4 shapes, five colors, airbrushing, basic lettering, basic florals, gold and silver details.


Elaborate Set

$63* per dozen

An elaborate set includes up to 6 shapes, five or more colors, elaborate text, several piped and hand painted details, gold and silver details. *Logo cookies may be an additional .50-$1.00 each based on complexity of design. 


Option A: $111 Option B: $75

Option A $111

  • Four 3"-4" cookies

  • Five dozen 1"-2" mini 

Option B $75

  • Four 3"-4" inch cookies

  • Three dozen 1"-2" mini


** Additional minis can be added by the dozen to any order. $15/24 per/dzn **


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